Our Services

Our clients include entrepreneurs and investors, who bring us everything from great raw ideas to highly detailed and thought-out eBusiness plans. We leverage our understanding of online marketing, customer support, and ecommerce to reach targeted customers in targeted markets with a strategy built to succeed. This expertise is a critical advantage, as choosing which services to rely on can make or break the budget of any sized company.

Our combined experience with white hat email, search engine optimization (SEO), organic targeting, traffic aggregation, marketing networks, web advertising, mobile/SMS providers, CPA and CPC advertising, content creation and management, online promotions, data collection, and social media mean that our clients never have to guess what to do next. Having designed, built, and re-purposed these tools and strategies, we know first-hand what to do and what not to do, saving our clients from costly trial and error.

eBusiness Development

Nextellignece knows technology; from A to Z, from concept to completion, from prospects to sales, and from client support to customer satisfaction. We’ve done it all.
Our business development team knows the path to success and can draw your company the map. We assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats confronting each business we work with, to rapidly determine a course of corrective action, and assist in its execution.


Businesses in transition, adapting to new needs, or faced with a challenging economic environment often find themselves in a difficult position. They need to develop successful processes to lay the foundation for long-term stability and growth. Our operations team has helped companies in developing new products and new strategies.