Nextelligence is a recognized leader among innovated enterprise technology solutions providers. Conglomerates and brands have sought our services as they transition from traditional business practices to technology-based rapid growth-oriented strategies. Nextelligence specializes in the operations of technology companies, both publicly traded and privately held.“We receive daily calls from investors, attorneys, accountants, and other executives. They each come to us with great ideas that are held back, sometimes by good people with bad technology, sometimes by good technology with poor execution, or sometimes by poor performance all around. For 16 years, Nextelligence companies have raised and applied over $300 million in tech funding rollouts. We put our expertise to work for you.”

Our Team

The Nextelligence team is made up of long-time tech entrepreneurs, each of whom have personally founded and built successful businesses, guiding them through good times and bad. With decades of combined experience and knowledge of all aspects of business, you can trust our team of professionals.

Technology and Intellectual Property

Nextelligence doesn’t just offer know-how, technology is a part of what we do. We create and maintain a wide variety of intellectual property, which is tried and tested, and ready for business in an off-the-shelf format. Our clients don’t need to risk time and money developing their own code or software when we have the opportunity to bring concepts directly to the reconfiguration and assembly phase.

Many eBusiness concepts we see are merely a repurpose or rebrand of technology that exists today. Our component source codes include social community modules (ex: Facebook, Twitter), photo site modules (ex: Flickr, Photobucket, etc.), auction platforms (ex: eBay, Ubid), deal modules (ex: Groupon, Living Social), video hosting/sharing (ex: YouTube, Vimeo), blogging networks (ex: Blogger, WordPress), host pages (ex: Netvibes, My Yahoo), affiliate reseller networks (ex: Commission Junction, Linkshare), website builder/hosts (ex: Web.com, TemplateMonster), payment systems (ex: PayPal, ClickBank), and many more.