The Business Trial Group

The Business Trial Group, the latest cutting-edge legal initiative of the highly-regarded law firm of Morgan & Morgan, P.A., offers a collection of attorneys with legal skills like none other, combining extensive knowledge of traditional corporate and securities lawyers with the savvy and toughness of veteran courtroom lawyers. Taking the fight from the boardroom to the courtroom, the Business Trial Group will work to preserve and protect your business, investment, and other commercial rights and interests.

The Business Trial Group’s innovative approach does not stop with its unique combination of legal skills. The group has broken the traditional business litigation compensation mold by accepting cases on a contingency or “success fee” basis. The Business Trial Group believes that the clients’ interests are best served when the financial interests of the client and law firm are aligned. Results, not billable hours, matter most. This unique level of commitment requires an extensive review of cases. The chances of success, not our clients’ ability to pay legal fees, serve as our benchmark for accepting a case. If we accept a case, this means we believe that there is a good chance of succeeding.

The Business Trial Group was conceived by renowned attorneys John B. Morgan, the founder of Morgan & Morgan, P.A., and Tucker H. Byrd, a highly-regarded business trial lawyer, who joined forces to form the Business Trial Group. Only the “best of breed” of the most successful and experienced trial lawyers in Central Florida would be assembled. Our group, now consisting of 13 lawyers and 19 support staff, attracted from prestigious national and regional law firms, represents clients who have suffered losses in a wide variety of business disputes, involving corporations, securities and investments, contracts, real estate and mortgages, commercial fraud, and intellectual property.

Our motto is simple: When the Boardroom Fails, the Courtroom Prevails. We will fight to protect our clients’ interests to the fullest extent permitted by law. When words and negotiations no longer are effective, the Business Trial Group stands ready to serve you.

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